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4 things you should always do before using an ATM machine.

4 things you should always do before using an ATM machine.
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Technology has definitely made our lives so much easier. All our cards can be virtually stored in our phones and we don't even need to bring a wallet anymore! However, there are these few times when you still require cash. Going to the ATM machine is probably your best bet, but how safe is it?

Scammers have become very smart and use skimmers to steal bank cards information! In fact, a skimmer is simply a card reader that looks exactly like a part of an ATM. However, it collects card numbers and PIN codes which are later replicated into counterfeit cards. Fraudsters also use this technique to steal money directly from your bank account!

Here are four things that you should always do before using an ATM to make sure it wasn't comprised by a skimmer. 

1. Gently shake the card reader

By giving the card reader a tug you will be able to feel if it's loose. If it feels jiggly, you should not use the machine and let the bank know.

2. Cover your pin 

Always use your hand to cover your pin when using an ATM or the debit machine in the stores. You never know who might be watching!

3. Use an ATM in the day

Plan your day so you go to the ATM during the day or pick a well lit machine. It is easier for crooks to install skimmers in the darkness!

4. Trust your gut

If something looks fishy - it probably is! There are plenty of ATM locations to pick from. Or try to use your bank phone app instead.

How often do you go to the ATM? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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