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5 mistakes to avoid when you use your washing machine

5 mistakes to avoid when you use your washing machine
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We would all want clean clothes, and a washer that lasts for years. To do so, we need to change some of our habits.

Here are 5 laundry mistakes we're probably all making:

Mistake # 1: Wash all the clothes together

Despite what can be said by the manufacturers of clothes or laundry soap, the colors may run. You will see that after a while, your white clothes will turn pink if you wash them with red clothes, and they will turn grey if you wash them with black clothes.

The solution: Wash white and light coloured clothes together, dark colors and jeans together and ideally wash red, pink and orange separately in cold water.


Mistake # 2: Don't empty the pockets

Have you ever found your washing machine full of pieces of tissue? Also, zippers, snaps ... everything that is in metal, can be damaged.

The solution: Empty all pockets and close the buttons and zippers to protect them and to avoid damaging other clothes.


Mistake # 3: Do not clean stains before washing

Tomato sauce, carrot, mud or other stains. This can make the stain worse and possibly wear away the fabric..

The solution: Dab these stains before washing, with 90% alcohol, white vinegar or rub with Marseille soap or stain remover. Then put the garment in the washing machine.


Mistake # 4: Never leave the door open

The water, heat and humidity are excellent for the proliferation of bacteria and mold.

The solution: Leave the door open after each wash to remove moisture and don't forget to clean the dispenser.


Mistake # 5: Never clean the wasing machine

You use your washing machine several times a week, to wash dirty clothes! So, your washing machine has many bacteria, caused by the moisture. Also, there are lint and water in the drum seal.

The solution: Do at least one wash every six months at 90ºC to sanitize your machine. You can add white vinegar instead of detergent. This will clean the machine, destroy germs, and dissolve soap residue.


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