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5 reasons why lazy parenting is the best way to raise kids!

5 reasons why lazy parenting is the best way to raise kids!
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The era of helicopter-parents and super-parents is behind us; the new way to parent is called "Lazy Parenting"! But that doesn't mean letting your kid be on the iPad all day. Lazy parenting involves giving your child opportunities so they can develop a sense of self-efficacy. That will boost their confidence, independence and responsibility senses. 

To lazy-parent, you should step back and allow your kid to struggle for a little bit (1 minute or 2) so they can see how much they are truly capable of! Sometimes it's better than just rushing to "rescue" them. And here is 5 reasons why lazy parenting might be the best option for your children according to Bright Side.

1. The child will learn to take care of self.

Trying to make life easier for your child by doing everything for them will not help them in the long run. It's often times easier to just do the chore or what needs to be done by yourself, but when you hand it to your kid, you help them learn to take care of themselves! 

“My sister and I are so lazy because our mother never taught us to be independent by making lunch for ourselves. We always relied on her.” said @swizzchaze on Twitter.

2. The child will become more responsible.

Giving your child space gives them opportunity to learn to do things by themselves. When kids feel that they are rejected in their willingness to help, they will eventually completely stop asking!

“There are 2 ways to approach motherhood: do it for them or let them figure it out. I opt for the latter.” said @lancslassrach on Twitter.

3. The child will believe in self more.

If you rush to help your child immediately, they might develop self-doubt and think they cannot accomplish an action by themselves. Eventually they can even stop to try! By letting them do things, they will develop more confidence and a great sense of responsibility. 

“I started making my own breakfast around kindergarten and it didn’t have any negative impact on me. If anything, it made me more confident.” said @PavLovesDogs on Twitter.

4. The child will get more of the parents.

And while your kid is doing their chores maybe you can let yourself relax a bit! You'll have more energy and more time to play with your children. Happy parent - happy child!

5. The child will live their childhood to the fullest.

Let them be kids while they still can! They will have time to learn things like reading and even a second language, let them enjoy these precious years without worrying too much.

What was your parenting style? 

Source: Mother.Ly ; Bright Side · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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