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5 reasons why you shouldn't take your phone to the bathroom.

5 reasons why you shouldn't take your phone to the bathroom.
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According to a recent study, cellphone addiction is far from being harmless. If you've become incapable of not having your precious phone in your hands when you go to the washroom, you should be aware of the risks associated with that habit. It can have an impact on your physical health, but also on your mental health! 

Here are the scientific conclusions about going to do our small and big needs with a cell phone in hand...

1. The phone can spread many harmful bacteria

A recent study shows that phones are dirtier than the toilet seat itself, which is pretty disgusting!

In a study on high school students, cell phones were found to be covered in E. Coli, a harmful bacteria, can cause intestinal problems such as food poisoning. And that's not even the only harmful bacteria you can catch in the bathroom.

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2. This habit can increase the risk of contracting hemorrhoids.

Little games, Facebook, or work email to the toilet can cause us to spend too much time on the throne, putting pressure on our organs, which are not supported by the toilet bowl.

More research is needed to verify this theory, but it is known that cases of hemorrhoids have increased since the arrival of smartphones. Therefore, while spending time in our phones on the toilet seat can sometimes be relaxing, it can cause uncomfortable health issues in the long run. 

3. It can limit thinking ability

Cell phones interrupt our concentration and thinking, limiting our ability to work on a problem, even when we are not using them or when they are turned off.

Therefore, spending time without the distraction of the phone is essential for our mind. Turning it off and spending time alone is sometimes just what we need. This means that taking our phones with us to the bathroom robs us of precious necessary mental breaks.

4. Using the phone on the toilet can cause pelvic floor dysfunction.

Spending prolonged time in the toilet while being distracted by a phone can lead to muscle problems, especially in the bowel, bladder and vagina, which can even "slip" because the pelvic floor muscle is no longer strong enough to support them.

Part of this is because of the posture when sitting on the toilet, especially if we are hunched over the phone for a long time.

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5. It increases phone addiction.

Smartphones connect us to the world like no other tool but they are also highly addictive. According to a survey, 1 in 10 millennials would rather lose a finger than their cell phone! This is obviously not a good sign because it shows that we have started to disconnect from our surroundings.

So let's at least try to take a tech break when we answer the call of Mother Nature. What do you think? Do you bring your phone to the loo? 

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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