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5 ways to use spoiled milk!

5 ways to use spoiled milk!
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Has your milk gone bad? Do not throw it away! Instead, take a look at these 6 surprising uses for expired milk and avoid waste. However, do not drink your milk if it is curdled as it could make you sick. As a general rule, milk turns bad usually 3 days after its expiration date. If the bottle has not been opened, the milk is still good for 2 weeks after its expiration date. 

These 6 uses will make you no longer throw it in down the sink:

1. Make homemade cheese 

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of expired milk, because after all, cheese is milk that has turned bad! You can make homemade cottage cheese by cooking expired milk in a double boiler. When it starts to "sweat", drain it in a cloth or paper towel until it has a fairly thick consistency. Finally, add "crème fraîche" and salt and pepper to taste.

If your milk is curdled, you can also make "homemade" cheese. Cover a colander with a square of muslin then pour in your curd. Tie the muslin and hang it over a bowl in your fridge to drain it. Your cheese is ready to taste when the preparation no longer drips. Enjoy!

 2. Let's bake!

Sightly expired milk is an ideal ingredient for pancakes, cakes and waffles. Once cooked, it is impossible to know that you have used expired milk. This is an easy and delicious tip, which also prevents waste. 

3. Make a beauty mask

For smoother skin and even complexion, apply spun milk on your face and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Then rinse off the mask with fresh milk (a little weird, but it works!) Finally, rinse off with clear water.

4. Protect your plants 

Do you have deer invading your garden? Pour the expired milk around your plants. It will serve as a repellent against wild animals! It is also a very good fertilizer for roses.

5. Make your silverware shine 

To make your silverware shine, apply expired milk and let it sit overnight. The result is surprising! 

Expired milk has many uses, so think twice before pouring it down the sink!

Don't forget to share these amazing tips with your family and friends!

How do you use expired milk? 

Source: Comment-Economiser · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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