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5 wonderful tips to grow beautiful geraniums

5 wonderful tips to grow beautiful geraniums
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People are so used seeing geraniums. And they consider this plant as simple and ordinary. As a low-maintenance plant. The kind of plant that our grandmothers had in large quantities, because they are too easy to grow.

But healthy geraniums, with beautiful leaves and lots of flowers, are not as common as you think!

Everyone does not have green thumb with geraniums. This beautiful plant, can be even more beautiful, when you know its little secrets. Because yes, geranium, like many other plants, has its own whims.

If you have a geranium, and its leaves are not nice, and its stems don't have any beautiful flowers, then this article is for you!

Geranium is a perennial that can flower a lot. But to get there, you need the right flower pot, the right soil, the right light, enough light, and the right nutrients.

Here are some good tips to get a beautiful geranium with beautiful flowers:

1) The pot:

The size of the pot is very important because this plant will need space to grow if it wants to flower. It will therefore need a pot about 12 cm in diameter and 10 cm high. Because the flowers will not bloom if the roots are not fully covered, and this plant makes big roots.

Matter also matters. Preferably a terracotta pot, otherwise a plastic pot can do the trick. But you should know that the soil dries more slowly in a plastic pot. This can rot the roots of the plant.

2) Watering:

Too much watering your geranium is much more damaging than letting it dry a bit too much. A lack of water can slow the growth, or even completely stop flowering, but too much water will rot your plant. Water your geranium once a day in the summer IF the top layer of the soil is already dry. Otherwise water less often. Let the soil guide you.

3) The months are important:

Add nutrients rich in phosphorus and potassium, but with low nitrogen, between the months of March and August. This is the winning formula for abundant flowering on a geranium. Also dissolve 1 drop of iodized water in 0.3 gallon of water to treat your geranium at a low price.


4) The soil:

As for any potted plants, you will need good potting soil with added nutrients. The best variant for a geranium, is a mix of sand, fertilizer and peat. Make a few holes in the soil from time to time, it helps the roots to breathe!

5) The good climate:

Geranium loves light, and it needs a lot of light to flower. And this, all along the year. But it also needs fresh air during the warmer periods. So a temperature of 11.5 ° C in summer and a little bit warmer in winter are ideal conditions for a geranium. The temperature changes are necessary, they cause the flowering.

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