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6 magic tricks for kids

6 magic tricks for kids
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Kids love magic !

And some children prefer to do the magic.

Does your child have a passion for magic ?

Show your child these 6 magic tricks !

Your child has not tried magic yet ? Show him / her !

Perhaps he / she will discover a new passion !

You'll have a good time together.

These 6 magic tricks are so great, that even the grown ups will want to learn them and make them to their friends ! You will see !

Here are 6 easy-to-learn magic tricks for kids:

1) Add a spoon in a coffee cup and take out a fork:

How to do:

Cut the end of a spoon and place the end of the spoon in front of the fork tines. Hold the spoon AND fork and when you put the spoon into the cup, you let go everything when both utensils are hidden in the cup. Then you stir the coffee with the spoon as usual. Then you pull out the spoon, but it is a fork that will come out !

2) Hold a pencil in the palm of your hand:

How to do:

Wear a watch and insert a pencil through your watch strap. It is this 2nd pencil that will hold the first pencil in the palm of your hand.

3) Raise a plastic cup with a shoelace:

How to do:

Glue a piece of nylon thread into the cup and attach an S-hook to the shoelace. Cover the top of the cup with Washi tape and just add some colored water into the cup. Use blue food coloring, or acrylic paint, gouache to color the water.

4) Add candies into a plate and make them disappear:

How to do:

Stick pieces of clear double-sided tape on candies and place them on a paper plate. Then place the candies in the plate and turn the plates 3 times. The candies will be stuck in the top plate. Be careful not to reveal what's in the top plate !

5) Insert a rope with a knot into a paper towel roll, snap your fingers and take out the rope without any knot:

How to do:

Drill a small hole in the paper towel roll so that your thumb can untie the knot in the rope, when you take out the rope.

6) Make a second coin appear in front of a small mirror:

How to do:

Hold the small mirror with two fingers, thumb and forefinger, then hold the 2nd coin with your forefinger and middle finger.

Watch the video :

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Source: 5 min.crafts · Photo Credit: 5 min.crafts

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