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6 outdoor summer activities to do for less than $ 10

6 outdoor summer activities to do for less than $ 10
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With the great summer holidays we have so far, the sun and the warm temperatures, children have plenty of time to play outside.

But sometimes we do not know how to keep them busy. And we're a bit lost, because they do not know what to do.

So you have to plan something! Do you need ideas ?

Here are 6 super fun outdoor summer activities to do for less than $ 10 :

1) Make bubbles:

Recycle water bottles and cut the bottom. Put old socks on the bottles and soak them into a mixture of water and dish soap (The blue Dawn is super efficient) to make incredible bubbles.

2) Use sponges instead of water balloons:

Waste less water balloons, instead make water sponges. They are reusable. Cut sponges into 4 pieces and tie 8 pieces together with hair elastics. Then offer the sponges to the children with buckets of water. Hours of fun.

3) The colander game:

You can play with water balloons or water sponges. Whoever throws the most water balloons or sponges into the colander that will be on the person's head, will win!

4) The frozen t-shirt game:

Crease t-shirts and place them in freezer bags. Then add water and freeze overnight. Take them out the next day and give them to the children. The first who defreeze the t-shirt and wear it, will win!

5) The pierced glass game:

Kids love the water and get wet! So, drill some holes in paper cups and ask children to run, two by two to know who can carry the most water from one bucket to another! It's VERY, VERY funny!


And last but not least, play WET LIMBO ! Use a fork to pierce a pool noodle and use tape: "Duct Tape " ,to plug one of the two ends. Then insert the garden hose into the pool noodle and let the kids play wet limbo !!

See all the details on video:

Source: Playful Facebook Video

Do you like these ideas to entertain children this summer? Share them!

Source: officialplayfull · Photo Credit: officialplayfull

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