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6 reasons why children born in December are special!

6 reasons why children born in December are special!
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Did you know that this month is actually the one with the fewest birthdays? The 24th and 25th are also the rarest birth dates.

No wonder December babies are special from birth!

With a December child, it may be a big deal to have a birthday party during the Christmas holidays, but it also means that your child will grow up knowing that his or her special day is set during the most magical month.

Here are some other statistical gifts that December's babies receive:

1. First to get up and first in bed

A study by Italian and Spanish academics showed that those born around December were significantly more likely to be morning persons than those born in the summer. Other studies have shown that children born at this time of year also tend to fall asleep earlier, which is very convenient for their parents!

2.More likely to be a dentist!

According to British census enumerators, babies born in December are the most likely to become dentists. It is always convenient to have someone in the family who can take care of our oral health!

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3. Baby may be left-handed

Boys born in December are more likely to be left-handed, according to a study from the University of Vienna. A study of 13,000 adults found that 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were left-handed. When they examined men's birth dates, the researchers found that most left-handed men were born between November 1st and January 1st. And it is said that left-handed people are often more successful than their right-handed counterparts in sports, art, etc.

4. They are either Sagittarius or Capricorn

If you believe in astrology, the fact that your baby was born before or after the 21st will make all the difference - and not just for planning birthdays as Christmas approaches. People born between December 1st and December 21st belong to the Sagittarius sign and are said to be extroverts who love traveling. From December 22 to 31st, you will have a Capricorn, determined and helpful.

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5. Longevity

According to science, Christmas babies have the best statistical chance to live more than 100 years!

6. In some countries, they are among the youngest in their classrooms.

This is not the case for Quebec, since the age of entry to kindergarten is fixed in relation to October 1st, but elsewhere, January is the important date. Many parents worry if their child is the youngest in the class, but it can actually be a good thing.

Research indicates that being the youngest in the class has academic benefits. It's hard to be the youngest in kindergarten, but by the time they enroll in college, the youngest children outnumber the older ones.


If you're celebrating your birthday this month, do not be too sad if people forget your important date in the midst of the end-of-year preparations. Be happy about your special side!

Source: Motherly · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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