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6 secrets from pro gardeners to grow bigger and tastier tomatoes!

6 secrets from pro gardeners to grow bigger and tastier tomatoes!
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Spring is finally here, it's time to take care of your vegetable garden and therefore, sow your tomatoes in order to have a nice harvest of sweet and juicy tomatoes this summer!

Would you like to try new experiences this year with your tomato plants? Tired of squirrels and birds stealing and eating your tomatoes? In this page you will find incredible tips!

Here are 6 secrets from pro gardeners to grow bigger and tastier tomatoes!

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Are they coming to pick your beautiful juicy tomatoes? The fact is that tomatoes contain a lot of water, and birds need to hydrate ... Place a bowl of water near your tomato plants, the choice will be very easy for them; the bowl of water!

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Tomatoes are juicy because they contain a lot of water. Mulch does a lot to protect a growing tomato plant, and for a number of reasons: it retains moisture in the soil, regulates the temperature in the soil, and prevents fruit rot. But don't add more mulch before it's time!
You have to wait until the ground has had time to warm up a bit. Tomatoes love the heat. So you can add mulch 3 to 5 weeks after you have planted the tomatoes. Once the soil is warm enough, dip 5-10 sheets of newspaper in water and place them between each row of plants. Complete the layers with mulch (cut grass, wood shavings, etc.).

You will get a lot of super juicy, delicious and watery fruit in no time!

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Baking may sound like a strange ingredient to add to the soil, but it will give you ripe tomatoes that look straight out of a candy store. You will not be able to resist them! This is because baking soda lowers the acidity of the soil and will bring out all the good taste in your tomatoes.

Your plans should be at least 2.54 cm (1 inch) in diameter before sprinkling baking soda on the soil. Sprinkle the sodium bicarbonate around each plant and start again halfway through the growth of the tomatoes. Make sure to put it on the soil and not on the tomatoes.

You could also add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 gallon of water. So easy!

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If you're growing your seedlings rather than buying ready-to-plant plans, try the "stick thing". The larvae love sowing and that makes it difficult for us. But the "stick thing" can help you! When you are ready to transplant your seedlings to the soil, insert a toothpick into the soil near each plant. When the larva tries to climb the vine, but it is in fact, on the "Stick" they will find it hard and too thick to chew and turn back. This is a chance to take! The vine, or the stick. Which one will he choose? Try it is so inexpensive!

Would you like to try a mind-blowing experience? Try this! Rather than throwing away any leftover tomatoes, add them to the soil in a pot! You will get a nice plan in no time by watering it regularly!

TRICK! You will get better results with organic tomatoes!


Everyone knows that a tomato vine grows vertically, it is obvious! But there is an excellent reason why we should try to defy this law of gravity.

By cultivating our seedlings aside, the plans will develop beautiful large and long roots. So the roots will touch the groundwater and minerals in the soil, and we won't need to put as much fertilizer and water to facilitate the growth of these beautiful tomatoes. Nature will operate by itself!

Transplant your seedlings by removing all the lower branches. Then lay the plant aside in a shallow trench and bury the baby plant underground, ensuring that the top leaves remain above ground. When they start to grow vertically, the roots will dig into the ground and help feed the plant!

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