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6 tips to defog your car windshield very quickly

6 tips to defog your car windshield very quickly
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When you have to remove the ice from your windshield and the temperature is - 40°C outside, there is nothing more annoying than having fogged windows! Yet, there are some simple things, that could make your life easier!

First, you should know that if your windows are fogged, it is because humidity accumulates in your car! It's so easy to get rid of it ...

Here are all the steps:

1- Let the humidity go out !!! Do you have a sunroof? Perfect! Open it a little when you park your car in your Tempo shelter; the snow will not come in and the humidity will not stay, guaranteeing you peace tomorrow morning !! No sunroof? It does not matter, do the same thing with 1 or 2 windows !! No Tempo shelter? Make sure it does not snow when you do that!

2- Let the passenger compartment cool down if you can not leave the windows or roof open before leaving the car !!! You'll need a little patience, and a good warm coat, but turning off the car, lower the windows completely. Wait a few minutes for the cold air to go inside your car! Raise the window and hit the road!

3- Stop getting snow in your car !!! Ok, we're talking about the base here ... The snow melts and turns into water; water causes moisture ... Please, shake your feet before entering the car and set up good rubber winter mats instead of unnecessarily messing up your mats that are dedicated for a summer use...

4- Cat litter ... For extreme cases, you can simply fill a cat litter and hide it under a seat of the car. The litter will absorb moisture. But you will have to replace it on a regular basis ... like the cat's one!

5- Air conditioning ... it is useful in winter too! It does not just cool you down in the summer, it also removes moisture in the car! So combined with the warmth of the passenger compartment in winter, you will be warm and dry!

6- This is my favorite thing ... so far! Unfortunately it is not fo everyone ... So move to a place without snow ... ideally filled with palm trees and salt air, and Pina Coladas .... Ah, wait ... There is a lot of humidity there too!

Source: Journal de Montréal · Photo Credit: Facebook

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