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6 tips you need to know for growing the best cucumbers

6 tips you need to know for growing the best cucumbers
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Every year you prepare your garden and you hope to make a better harvest than the previous year? More onions, more potatoes, more cucumber?

Ha cucumbers ... They are much better when they are freshly harvested from the garden! More crisp, juicier, tastier! In addition, they are apparently easier to digest! Is it true that cucumbers are easier to digest when they are freshly picked?

Some people say yes, others say it's totally wrong! Anyway, here are 6 tips found on the Internet to get a better and bigger cucumbers harvest.

Here are the 6 best tips found on the Internet:

1) Start cultivating them with loose, nutrient-rich soil

Cucumbers need a lot of nutrients because of their fast, prolific growth. Before planting we recommend you to mix decomposed manure or compost into the soil and add organic matter. This step will add nutrition for the plants but will also make the soil lighter and looser, encouraging root growth. After the vines begin to bloom topdress cucumbers with more compost, aged manure, or a high-quality fertilizer.


2) Mulch around the cucumbers:

Adding mulch around your plants is one of the best things you can do for your plants. Add 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4") of mulch around the plant to prevent weeds growing near cucumbers, to retain soil moisture and to help a regular soil temperature. But that's not all! It's also a great tip to keep cucumbers from coming directly in contact with the soil.


3) Keep the soil constantly moist:

Not only do cukes need a lot of water for normal growth (we're talking about 2.5 cm (1") of water a week + if you live in a dry environment), but they need consistent water as well. So, the roots should be always moist, but not saturated. The best thing is to use a garden hose or a drip irrigation system, to keep moisture off the foliage.


4) Install a trellis:

The use of a trellis increases air circulation through the vines and also makes picking fruit easier!


5) Avoid heat:

Like many fruits and vegetables, cucumbers love heat, but do not like temperatures over 90°F or 32°C. If you are in an area with high tempeartures you can add shade cloth or tarpaulins to protect your fruit from the sun.


6) Harvest the vegetables quickly:

Harvest cucumbers as soon as they reach the appropriate size. In fact, as soon as you see the vegetables developing on the vine, keep an eye on them, because they grow quickly, so harvest them. This will keep the fruit from becoming bitter and will encourage the plant to continue producing more.


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