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6 useful painters' tips that you should know

6 useful painters' tips that you should know
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A fresh coat of paint in a house, is good! The problem is to decide the colors, the harmonies, the contrasts: details that make all the difference to get a successful home design!

To inspire you in your projects, here are 6 painter's tricks that change everything!

Dare to paint the radiator!

Have you seen how beautiful it is! Wow! Of course, you have to use the right kind of paint because of the heat: Rust-oleum spray paint sold in all hardware stores. It is necessary to wait until the radiator is completely cold before painting otherwise the painting will not stay.

Colorful doors

Wow! Beautiful! I would never have dared to paint doors in bright colors like that, but the result is unbelievable! To paint a door, open it, and instead of taking painters' tape, cover the handle and fasteners with vaseline to protect them from paint. First paint the door frame, then the door on both sides. When you have finished, take a cloth to wipe the vaseline.

Switch from dark to light

Your wall is very dark and you want a lighter color. Take a gray primed or add a few drops of black paint to your white primed: gray color will neutralize the dark color better than white paint!


Instead of sticking painters' tape to the floor to protect it from the paint while you are painting the baseboards, take a piece of cardboard that you will move when you paint. This tip saves a lot of time and protects the floors.

White paint

Want to use a gallon of white paint that you had the last time, but the white is now yellowed? Add 1 drop of black paint! Only one drop, do not put more, otherwise the white will become gray. But 1 drop of black paint in the paint will neutralize the yellow and give it all the desired whiteness!

Dye wood

Did you know that to dye white wood (maple, birch, ash, aspen), it must be soaked before? It is recommended to wash it with very hot water over the whole surface and to wet it again before applying the dye so that it does not absorb too much and that its tint is the same.

Source: Astuces bricolage · Photo Credit: Astuces bricolage

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