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7 different techniques to create beautiful packaging for your gifts

7 different techniques to create beautiful packaging for your gifts
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Taking the time to beautifully wrap a gift demonstrates our good intentions. When we say that it's the thought that counts. Even a tiny baby pajama will look like the best gift ever received if it is carefully presented in a magnificent gift packaging, as opposed to thrown into the bottom of a gift bag with a bit of tissue paper and a store-bought card.

That's where all the difference comes in. The time and effort that we put into making and offering a gift with love.

Are you totally on the same page but only know if one basic technique for wrapping gifts? You will need our help then!

Choose your wrapping papers based on the gifts you are giving and the people they are intended for and follow this video to learn how to make the most beautiful gift wrappings ever!

Here are 7 beautiful techniques for wrapping gifts like better than anyone!

1) Why not leave some of the gift unpacked and use this part of the gift to your advantage by adding it to the decor of the package? Watch the video to learn how to make a great original gift package that uses part of an exposed garment to add a special touch to the packaging.

2) Use a nice color wrapping paper, with and accent color and a tissue paper the same color as this accent color. Folding in a concertina-fashion to wrap the gift beautifully and add some pretty ribbon to finish it all off perfectly.

3) Use a checkered paper and a wide ribbon to make a gift wrap shaped like a shirt and tie! A great idea for Father's Day or even for your dad's birthday!

4) Use silk ribbon and a hot glue gun to make decorative flower shapes adorned with pretty artificial flowers, right in the center.

5) Use double-sided paper to make folded gift bags, beautiful!

6) And finally, use 3 sheets of craft paper to pack a bouquet of roses or freshly cut flowers.

On video:

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Source: 5min.crafts · Photo Credit: 5min.crafts

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