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7 golden rules to follow to successfully grow tomatoes in pots.

7 golden rules to follow to successfully grow tomatoes in pots.
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We are not all lucky enough to have a large backyard to make our own vegetable garden. But it is always possible to grow certain fruits and vegetables on your balcony in pots, and still be able to get a good harvest! 

Today, we will focus strictly on growing potted tomatoes and you don't have to be an expert gardener to do it! However there is still some basic rules to follow. 

Here are the 7 golden rules for growing potted tomatoes:

1. If you only have one stalk of tomatoes, you will need a pot with a diameter of 30cm or 12inch. A rectangular pot will be more better if you want several plants.

2. As the choice of soil is very important, you should favor soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8, rich in organic fertilizer or compost.

3. Now, let's focus on the directions: Take a pot, and add potting soil up to 2/3. Plant the tomato plant(s), tilting the stem 45 degrees, and spacing 12 cm apart.

4. Add potting soil to fill the pots, and water. After a few days, your tomato plants will straighten and grow straight, fixing themselves to the ground.

5. Place the plants in a sunny location. As soon as you notice that they are getting heavier, use a support to straighten them. Bamboo stakes are good choices, they are light, straight and durable!

6. During the growing period (until the fruit appears), water 1-2 times a week, after sunset (in warm weather) or every 2 weeks (in mild weather). If the leaves dry out, water more frequently. But never water directly on the leaves (avoid wetting the leaves, this is the source of diseases).

Note: A lack of water will cause stress to the tomato plants, and will lower the harvest. While too much water will cause the tomatoes to split and the taste will be bland. When the roots are well developed, reduce watering. 

7. Make sure that the soil is never too dry. It also should not be too soggy, otherwise certain diseases or aphids could attack your plants.

You can also add mulch under your tomato plants. While reducing the demand for watering, the mulch will keep the soil moist.

Here you go! Time to grow tomatoes! Good luck!

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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