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7 ideas to improve your outdoor space!

7 ideas to improve your outdoor space!
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There are many fantastic DIY projects that can bring color and style to your garden and that you can create yourself.

Here are some ideas for projects that might interest you. They are fun and easy to do with the family. These are budget friendly but you will still be proud to have in your garden!

1. A cement block garden

Here is a very aesthetic idea, which adapts to many decorations. Arrange the blocks so that the sections extend from the main wall, then add potted plants to each block.


2. A hanging garden with gutters

Attach sections of gutters to sturdy metal supports, then hang them on a pergola or roof. Fill the planters with herbs, flowers or fruits/vegetables! So pretty!


3. A low table made from a galvanized tub

A thick wooden top is perfect for putting glasses and other serving accessories, but it is also removable so that you can store everything you don't find room in the house.


4. A cement block bench

Another project that members of your family can help you with. Simply stack your blocks along the wall where you want your bench to be, then add a thick foam cushion covered with fabric on top. Superb!


5. A table on the fence

This folding table is a very practical addition to any fence!


6. Colorful patio tiles

Classic concrete pavers are an amazing way to create patio space, but they are a bit bland. So adding color is super interesting!


7. Green Grass Hedgehogs

It is one of the best projects to have fun with your children. Whether you carry out this adorable project with grass, green cover or succulents, it will look amazing and your children will love it!


Which one is your favourite?

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