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7 inexpensive activities and easy to do to entertain children

7 inexpensive activities and easy to do to entertain children
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Children will have 2 weeks holiday during Christmas and if you know well your children and you already know they will be bored after only 3 days, keep this article in your favorites.

It will probably help you. Because after spending 2 hours playing outside, children will want to come inside and if you do not want them to spend the rest of the day playing video games, you will have to occupy them!

And if you do not want to spend money to entertain them, see these 7 great ideas!

1) Stick a starting line between two straight lines to make a bowling alley, made with erasers! Give a marble to the children to start the game! Teach them to count the points as a real bowling game! You will find all the rules on the Internet.

2) Go outside to make bubbles!

Get socks and attach them to plastic cups. Soak the socks in soap bubbles and blow into the cups to make very long bubble snakes!

3) Do you remember when you slid down the stairs?

Forget the cardboard! Stack a bunch of cushions at the bottom of the stairs to cushion the shock. And Wouuuuu! Let's go!

4) Use painter's tape to make a big cobweb in a door frame. And give children newspapers! They will have to make balls with the newspaper and throw the balls into the cobweb!

5) Use sandpaper to make beautiful t-shirts!

- Let the children draw what they want on the sandpaper

- Place a paper towel between the t-shirt and the sandpaper to prevent the wax from going through the t-shirt.

- Place the paper against the front of the t-shirt

- Set the iron for coton fabric (without steam) and let it heat for 2 minutes before using it

- Iron the back of the sandpaper for 20 to 30 seconds. If you have chosen a coarse sandpaper, you will need to iron longer. Lift a corner to see if the transfer worked

- In order for the color to lasts long, place some sheets of paper towel directly on the drawing and iron again over the paper towels for a few seconds. This step will remove excess wax and keep the color on the t-shirt. Then you can put the t-shirt alone to the dryer for about twenty minutes. The heat of the dryer will fix the colors. Wash the t-shirt alone the first time.

TIP: Remember that the transfer will be reversed. Avoid quotes, or write them upside down.

6) A classic: Playing badminton with balloons!

Children will spend hours playing with a balloon and paper plates glued on giant coffee sticks!

7) Play spies!

Supervise the children! Play spies between imaginary laser beams! For extra security, do them with Crepe ribbons!

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