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7 reasons why you should really stop holding farts in.

7 reasons why you should really stop holding farts in.
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There is nothing glamorous to farting, it can even be quite embarrassing especially in the wrong moment. However, this natural act is actually good for you and your health! 

Here are 8 reasons why you should stop holding it in and keep...farting!

1. Helps with bloating

A common cause of bloating is simply a buildup of gas in your gut! So sometimes just farting will release all that pressure and discomfort. All you need if fart, don't hold it!

2. It tells a lot about your diet.

Farts are a great indicator on wether you have a balanced diet or not. For example, if you are having too much read meat your farts will likely have a strong and unpleasant smell. A large amount of gas that are more neutral in odor indicates a complex carbohydrates diet. You should really start paying more attention to your farts! 

3. Helps with abdominal pain

Holding it in can even cause intestinal distention that might really hurts! So try not hold it so you don't accumulate a lot of gas in your gut. If you are having difficulties releasing, try to massage your stomach gently. 

4. Holdings it in can cause hemorrhoids

Withholding gas can even cause hemorrhoids, if you ever had them you know how painful they can be! Simply listen to you body and let the gas comes out. This is especially important to people with compromised colons. 

5. Smelling farts is good for you!

It might sounds funny but inhaling farts is good for you according to a study from the University of Exeter! In fact, the exposure to small amounts of gas might help to prevent mitochondrial damage to your cells. In the long run, it could prevent strokes, heart disease and arthritis! 

6. Diagnose food allergies. 

There are certain food allergies that cause severe flatulence such as lactose intolerance and celiac disease. If you feel like your farts have significantly increased after having a certain type of food, you should mention to your doctor. With a few simply tests you will know which food to avoid!

7. It simply feels good!

We have to say it; letting the gas out simply feels so good! Simply excuse yourself to the bathroom and let it out! A true relief. 

There you go! Just pay attention to your body and its natural needs!

Source: Remedy Daily · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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