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7 things that happen when you share your bed with your dog.

7 things that happen when you share your bed with your dog.
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If you have a dog, you have surely heard over and over again that you should never let your four-legged friend climb into your bed under any circumstances.

It might be true that if doggie has muddy paws full of germs, or if it leaves lots of hair on your sheets, the idea of sharing your bed might not be that interesting. Or the drool on your face at 7 in the morning either…. 

It is understable why some people refuse to share this cozy space with their pet. But for those who cannot live without them by their side, know that there are several good benefits to do so!

Here are 7, which may change the minds of those resistant to co-sleeping!

1. Dogs decrease anxiety

Therapy dogs have proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety and stress. So it makes sense that they also bring calm and relaxation to your bed! Just touching a dog can release hormones that will calm, even for the most stressed people.


2. Dogs provide protection

We all feel a little more secure knowing that our dog is watching over us at night. Even though you have the ability to physically protect yourself from anyone who wants to harm you, you experience a deep sense of tranquility in knowing that you are protected. Studies have shown that this thought actually helps you relax and sleep better.


3. Dogs keep you warm

Besides its high body temperature, their fur is the most comfortable thing to curl up on! In the cold season, bringing your pooch with you to bed is a sure way to stay warm while you sleep!

You will save on heating as a bonus!


4. Dogs love attention

Your faithful furry friend would agree. Dogs love to be loved! So let them get on your bed to cuddle all night long. It's your pet's dream come true! Right after crossing a bacon field.


5. Dogs provide comfort during sleep

A recent study found that the sense of security you get from sleeping with your dog, knowing that they are keeping you safe helps fight insomnia and gives you a better night of sleep. 


6. Dogs are good for human brain chemistry

These feelings of reduced stress, safety and comfort offered by our dogs are actually reactions that occur in our brains.

Touching pets increases the levels of oxytocin in our body. Oxytocin, also known as the "cuddly hormone," increases feelings of relaxation, confidence, and psychological stability. The release of these hormones are not only good for mood and mental health they are also beneficial for the brain.


7. Dogs fend off depression

Dogs are a great help to people suffering with depression. The oxytocin they generate encourages happiness and leave a sense of mental well-being and security. Along with these neurological and chemical benefits, studies have shown that just receiving the unwavering attention and loyal love of a dog is enough to fight depression!


Do you let your pet sleep with you?

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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