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7 things we should clean everyday but we don't

7 things we should clean everyday but we don't
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If you're not a big fan of cleaning (who really is ?!), you probably just clean what you see, and you wait for the next day (and the day after) to clean the less visible nooks.

However, some areas of your home need to be cleaned everyday, even if this can be boring.

And it's not just to only have a clean and tidy house; it is also to prevent unnecessary germs that could get you sick.

Here are 7 things that need to be clean everyday:

1. The kitchen countertop

So many things are in contact with your kitchen countertop! Food, grocery bags, bills and keys ... Wipe your countertop every night with a disinfectant to make sure it's really clean for breakfast!


2. The bathroom sink

It is not uncommon for the bathroom sink to be covered with toothpaste, make-up, hair, etc. Use disinfecting wipes or vinegar to wipe the sink everyday, and of course the faucet.


3. The kitchen floor

Many things fall on the kitchen floor. No need to scrub the floor everyday, but you need to do a quick sweep and use a mop or wet swiffer everyday.


4. The sponges

According to a study from the University of Arizona, a kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with 10 million bacteria per square inch! Wash your sponge in the dishwasher or with warm water and soap or soak it in vinegar for a natural disinfectant.


5. The remote control

You probably do not think of wiping your remote every day, but you should! Remote controls can have cold viruses and other germs, so try to clean them as often as possible!


6. Tea towels and dish towels

We hang our dish towels in our kitchen, but they are a breeding ground for bacteria. According to a study by the USDA, dish towels are the most contaminated spots in the kitchen! Whenever you prepare something like raw meat and wipe your hand on a towel, you spread all these bacteria.


7. Dirty dishes

Of course, you can leave dirty dishes for tomorrow, but not only will this make your plates and bowls more difficult to clean, but it may also attract insects. If you don't have time (or energy!) to wash them thoroughly, just rinse them right away.


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