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7 ways to save space in your chest of drawers

7 ways to save space in your chest of drawers
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People often look for the perfect piece of furniture to properly store their items or clothes and even buy too much in the hope of storing everything.

But many times, we overlook how clothes are arranged and in this way an ample space becomes small. Where and how to store this? How to fold that? Which system would be most convenient for everyone? These are the questions!

Here are 7 suggestions to easily store your clothes and accessories in the bedroom! They could save you from cluttered drawers and the loss of your valuable time when looking for what you need every morning!

1. Organize the t-shirts

Instead of putting your t-shirts piled on top of each other, try the next folding technique and then put them vertically. It's much better !

source : Good Homes Design

source : Good Homes Design

2. Use shoe boxes to store underwear

For tidy underwear, recycle shoe boxes that you will install in your drawers to make compartments in which you can store your underwear.

source : RealSimple

3. Roll the clothes

To save space in your drawers, roll your socks and place them in drawer dividers. You can make your separators, or get them in stores or on the Internet at a lower price.

source : Pinterest

4. Sort out the jewels

To prevent your jewelry from mixing, place a simple ice cube tray in a drawer and voila !

source : Pinterest

5. Charge devices without cluttering the desk

Instead of letting your phone or tablet on the desk, use your bedside table to make it a discrete charging station:

source : Imgur

6. Organize makeup

Instead of looking for makeup during hours in the morning, in a toiletry kit or in a messy drawer, plan a small piece of furniture with drawers on which you will write what's inside each drawer.

source : Pinterest

7. Use the closet door

To save space in your drawers, you can use the door of your closet to hang your bras, your ties or to install a hanging organizer for your various items.

source: Pinterest

As a bonus, see how to fold your socks the right way in this video:

Source: Good Homes Design · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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