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8 benefits of mint

8 benefits of mint
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Mint is not only useful for flavoring mojitos! This plant that smells so fresh has many virtues, whether used dry or fresh, in the form of infusions, capsules or essential oil, it is extremely good for your health.

Among other things, it can be used for:

  1. Pain relief from tooth aches

Simply soak a cotton swab with 2 drops of essential peppermint oil and apply it around the tooth.

2. Intestinal pain relief

You should drink an infusion of mint prepared with a teaspoon (5 g) of dried mint or two branches of fresh mint per cup (250 ml) of boiling water. This infusion will relieve your pain after consuming 3 or 4 cups per day.

3. Facilitate digestion and reduce bloating.

4. Detoxify and purify the blood.

5. Prevent iron deficiency.

source: Pixabay

6. Relieve headaches

For this purpose, massage the forehead and the temples (avoiding the eyes) with 2 drops of essential peppermint oil. For sensitive skin, dilute it in a vegetable oil first.

7. Prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It is true that many foods, it seems, can help protect from these diseases. So, do not hesitate to include mint in your dishes, salads or herbal teas. At the very least, it will taste delicious and at best, you will be healthier!

8. Relieve fatigue

To relax during days you suffer from fatigue, try this method:

Throw several handfuls of dry mint in a large pot of cold water.

Cover, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, then let steep 20 minutes.

Filter and pour into a bath you ran in advance; dive in and relax!

Note: essential peppermint oil is not recommended for babies, pregnant women or the elderly.

As mint is quite delicious, it should not be too complicated for you to incorporate it into your regular diet.

source: Unsplash

Do not hesitate to grow it in your garden (it's very easy!) Or keep some pots near and in the house. In addition to everything else, it has the added benefit of keeping some insects away so it's doubly beneficial! Not to mention the beautiful green color!

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Pexels

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