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8 brilliant ways to repair your jeans and keep them longer!

8 brilliant ways to repair your jeans and keep them longer!
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Denim is such a durable fabric, it's worth learning some sewing stitches to repair our damaged jeans. Because you can easily keep your favorite jeans for years. Jeans cuts and fashions do not change so often and you have to choose jeans that fit you, so we should take care of them.

That's why we suggest you to learn these brilliant tips to repair damaged jeans. You can keep them longer !

Here are 8 brilliant ways to repair your jeans to keep them longer ! :

1) If you watch the video, you can learn to make an invisible seam on jeans. But also for any fabric of your choice ! This sewing stitch is ideal for making a very resistant hem. You will have to double your thread and make a double knot at the very end. Watch the video several times if necessary, because this sewing stitch really deserves to be practiced.

2) Use the same sewing stitch to put a patch on a hole. Then, fray the edge of the patch to give it a worn look.

3) Sew by making a 'cross' over the entire seam of the small front pockets with red yarn to add an original touch.

4) Fray the edges of your jeans with tweezers and make a nice opening with a small bow ! Jeans with black thread inside will be much more beautiful because it will make a beautiful contrast.

5) Use fabric strip of your choice to make a colored hem.

6) To fix the crotch hole in your jeans, sew with a solid thread, then pull the thread.

7) Make a triangle, with red yarn, to cover a tiny hole in a pair of jeans, then embroider leaves and a strawberry stalk on the top of the triangle, all you have to do is make some black dots on the red triangle, to make a delicious strawberry.

8) Make cuts every inch on the hem of your jeans and two cuts on the front of the jeans and scrunch the fabric to give a worn look to the jeans.

Watch the video:

Source: Facebook video 5min.crafts

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Source: 5min.crafts · Photo Credit: 5min.crafts

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