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8 fun projects made with pool noodles!

8 fun projects made with pool noodles!
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They are everywhere in the stores and are not expensive! You can easily make great projects with them!

Are you looking for beautiful and good ideas to decorate your home and garden with pool noodles?

Here are 8 projects that will inspire you !

Transform them into something you like, or you can do the same ideas by following the descriptions just above the video.

To save as much as possible, pick up the old pool noodles from last year, they may start crumbling in your pool over the coming summer, and use the new ones instead. The old pool noodles will be perfect for DIY.

Here are 8 great ideas to make with pool noodles:

1) A lamp transformation for less than $ 5:

Use a pool noodle and a small piece of a second pool noole to wrap a living room lamp. Then use a hot glue gun to glue some rope around pool noodles. A fast transformation for less than $ 5.

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

2) Make a decoration in less than 5 minutes:

Use 2 pool noodles, 2 broomsticks, 2 flower pots, artificial grass and a hot glue gun, or white fairy lights to make decorative plants for less than $ 20.

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

3) Make a column for the garden :

Use pool noodles cut in half, cement glue, a brush for this type of glue. Apply glue on the pool noodles and then glue them on a large tube. Then, paint the pool noodles the color you want, here they used beige and charcoal grey and a silicone to give a 3D marble texture to the column. Also you will need 2 wooden squares to make the base and the top of the column.

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

4) A centerpiece for the garden :

Cut pool noodles every 2.5 cm (1 "). Then trace the outline of battery-operated tealights, in the center of the pool noodles. Then cut the center of the pool noodle with a utility knife (X-acto knife). Place the candles to make an outdoor centerpiece for the patio table.

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot


5) Create a nice atmosphere in the Spa or the pool :

To add ambient light in your pool or in your Spa, during your midnight baths ... Fix the pieces of pool noodle with a zip tie.

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6) A tool to dry your paintbrushes:

Cut a pool noodle the width of a plastic bowl. Then cut it lengthwise. Place it on the edge of the bowl and make a few incisions to insert your paintbrushes once you have rinsed them in the water.

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

7) PopSicle garland:

Does it seem ordinary to you? Imagine it hanging outside for a child's party! It will be beautiful in your garden under the rays of sun!

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

8) A pool noodle cut in four pieces, rope and a plastic tub to make a cooler in the swimming pool ! No need to get out of the water during hot weather!

Source : Facebook HomeTalk video screenshot

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