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8 houseplants that thrive well in low light.

8 houseplants that thrive well in low light.
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In winter our homes receive less sunlight which makes it difficult to install plants. However, having a  little greenery might cheer us up during the dark months.  You will be pleased to know that some plants do not require a lot of light!

Some of the more colorful, easy-care houseplants thrive well in low light and can be planted in almost any room in your home.

Just be sure to rotate the plants every few weeks so that the side of the plant facing the wall gets its fair share of sunlight.

Here are the most popular houseplants which are known for their durability in low light conditions!

1. Philodendron

The philodendron is a superb houseplant that is very tolerant of dark environments. This fast-growing vine thrives well in hanging baskets or when climbing on a small trellis. Just water it when its soil feels dry to the touch. Two new varieties offer colorful foliage. The variety "Brasil" has a magnificent variegated golden and green foliage, while the "Micans" has purple purple leaves with a satin texture.

2. Pothos

Often confused with the philodendron, the pothos will thrive in any room of the house, as long as it is not directly exposed to the sun. It is an easy-care vine plant that can be erected on a trellis or dropped over the edge of a hanging basket. Pothos are available in a variety of colors or two-tone, including dark green, white and green, yellow and green, and spotted silver. Water this plant whenever the soil is dry.

3. ZZ plant

If you tend to forget about your plants and are therefore looking for a strain that tolerates dark corners and neglect, meet the zamioculcas zamiifolia, often referred to as the ZZ plant. This plant can live well even under simple fluorescent light in an office or dark room. It also tolerates dry conditions and is ideal for people who travel frequently. It is a very pretty plant, with straight, slightly arched stems covered with glossy, dark green leaves. Water it when its soil dries up.

4. Saw Palmetto

The chamaedorea elegans has been a popular parlor palm since the Victorian era. It is a slow-growing native Mexican plant that does well in low light situations. It reaches 4 feet in height is the most beautiful effect in a house. It only needs to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch, but it helps to spray the plants every now and then during the winter.

Ideal for any room in your home, the Beaucarnea recurvata palm is virtually indestructible. It is a fascinating and unusual plant with long, strap-shaped leaves that grow from a large, fatty base which gives this plant its other common name "elephant's foot". If you travel a lot, this is ideal, as the plant stores excess water in its plump base, so it can go several weeks without watering. These palms are sold in a variety of heights ranging from table plant to shrub.

5. Boston Fern

Since their discovery in the late 1800s, Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) have played an important role in interior design. These gorgeous plants develop bright green arching fronds that look great in urns or baskets. They thrive in partially shaded indoor and outdoor locations, away from cold drafts or heat ducts. Water it whenever the soil feels dry to the touch and spray it often in the winter to minimize leaf drop.

6. Dieffenbachia

When it comes to colorful leaves, few houseplants offer as many options as dieffenbachia. This magnificent tropical plant is present in a wide range of speckled or splashed leaves of yellow and green or white and green color. Although it grows well in dark rooms, it prefers indirect, bright light. But be careful, dieffenbachia is poison, so keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

7. Gloxinia

While this plant may not survive in a completely dark room, it will flower beautifully anywhere it can receive bright, indirect light out of direct sunlight. It grows large, velvety, trumpet-shaped flowers in a variety of jewel-like colors. Water it whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Use lukewarm water and avoid wetting the foliage. Feed her once a month with an indoor fertilizer while the plants are flowering.

8. Monstera

Create a tropical ambience in your living room with the monstera deliciosa. This plant produces huge, well-cut leaves that are bright green in color. It has a dense and bushy shape, but over time it will begin to stretch and climb on a trellis. It can be planted in a basket on the ground or in a hanging basket. If you want to keep the plant compact, just prune the branches. Water it as soon as the soil feels dry to the touch, and fertilize once a month during spring and summer.

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Source: BHG · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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