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8 natural ways to kick ants out of your house

8 natural ways to kick ants out of your house
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With the nice weather, you may have met your first ants ... on your kitchen countertop, on the dining room floor, in your hallway . . .

Eh yes ! They are back again ! ( Do you hear the music of the horror movie that goes with these words . . . ? )

So to avoid being angry against ants during summer, get ready for the war, and especially get ready to win !

It's not true ! You will not have to endure these bugs for months !

To arm yourself, here are 8 natural methods, but effective to keep ants away from your home !

1. The Borax

Here is a method that works well in the long run. Prepare a mixture of Borax and sugar. Put small bowls in spots where there are ants and after a few weeks the problem of infestation should be resolved.

2. The mint or walnut leaves

Ants do not like the smell of mint or walnut. Put mint plants or grow walnut tree close to your house !


3. Cinnamon

Ants do not like the smell of cinnamon. Put cinnamon powder on the threshold of your doors or windowsills.

4. The egg shells

Crush egg shells to make a powder, which you sprinkle around the house to dissuade them from coming into your house !


5. Chalk

Ants will not cross a chalk line. So, draw a line near the threshold of the house !

6. Lemon and vinegar

Citric acid and acetic acid disorient ants.

7. Keep ants away with a mixture of baking soda and sugar that you will spray in strategic spots.


8. The coffee grounds

Here is another natural repellent to keep away these bugs !

Cornmeal: it's not true !

You've probably heard the "fact" that cornmeal would kill ants ! It is totally wrong. This misconception comes from the fact that many commercial ant killers contain cornmeal. But it is not that who kills insects ; it's the chemical mixed in it ! In fact, ants love cornmeal . . .

Source: C Fait Maison · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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