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8 tips to eliminate window condensation during the winter months.

8 tips to eliminate window condensation during the winter months.
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Even if you live in a house equipped with an adequate ventilation system, during the cold months signs of condensation might appear in your homes . Often time you will see it by the formation of ice at the bottom of the windows.

Experts say energy-efficient glass, insulated spacers, and the position of the glazing in the center of the wall can prevent condensation problems.

In order to avoid this problem, the relative humidity of the indoor air should follow the falling curve of the outdoor temperature. The efficiency of the ventilation units job varies, so some air exchangers or HVAC systems may not be able to lower this rate quickly enough.

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What to do?

Here are simple steps to optimize the operation of your devices and reduce condensation on your windows:

  1. Make sure the dryer is properly connected to the exhaust duct.
  2. Limit the amount of plants in the house.
  3. Turn on the kitchen hood and the bathroom fan after each use.
  4. Do not overly prolong showers and baths.
  5. Avoid lowering the interior temperature or storing firewood in the basement.
  6. Avoid closing blinds or shades completely during the evening and at night, in order to allow the heat from the heating system to heat the glazing.
  7. Make sure that the ventilation grids are located in the right places and are not obstructed so that they can operate at peak efficiency.
  8. Remove nets/screens from windows.

With these simple tips, you should always be able to see outside instead of staring at the depressing condensation! It’s much nicer that way, don't you think?

In addition, by saying goodbye to this condensation, you will avoid ending up with moldy window frames, which would be harmful to the health of your whole family.

How is the weather where you live? 

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