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9 effective ways to deep clean the bathroom

9 effective ways to deep clean the bathroom
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Clean faster and more efficiently with these 9 methods to deep clean the bathroom !

These cleaning tips are so effective that you will take less time and fewer products to clean the bathroom (s) in your home.

So, with these 9 cleaning tips, you will save time and money. No need to buy expensive cleaning products full of chemicals !

Here are 9 cleaning tips to deep clean the bathroom :

1) In a spray bottle add a black tea bag and hot water to clean the mirror in the bathroom with newspaper. You will have a spotless mirror for a very long time ! This tip is awesome !

2) Use a brush and a drill to deep clean the ceramic tiles in the shower.

3) A screwdriver and a paper towel will allow you to clean the dirty part between the toilet seat and the toilet tank.


4) Apply some of your toothpaste on a sponge to shine all the faucets in the bathroom.


5) A bag for the freezer and some white vinegar will remove all the limestone of the shower head in only 12 hours ! You will find the water pressure as if the shower head was new.

6) Empty a bottle of 1L of Coca Cola in the toilet bowl and let the soda for 15 minutes. Then clean the toilet bowl with the toilet brush. Coca Cola is as effective as all the expensive chemicals you can buy in store.

7) In a spray bottle, mix 65 ml ( 1/4 cup ) of bleach, 10 ml ( 2 teaspoons ) of dish soap and then fill the spray bottle with water and spray the mixture on a sticky shower curtain. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You shower curtain will be like new !

8) Add unground coffee beans in a bowl and a tealight in the center to have a bathroom that smells good !

9) Store your razors with bulldog paper clips to avoid hurting yourself when you search something in your toiletry bag !

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