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A 16-Year-Old Cancer patient is crocheting for babies in the NICU.

A 16-Year-Old Cancer patient is crocheting for babies in the NICU.
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Tavinya Taylor is a 16-years-old from Winfield, Illinois whose life changed forever in March. Sadly, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had to start chemotherapy treatments pretty much when the global pandemic started to get serious. The young teenager decided to do something special during the time she spends at the hospital, she is crocheting gift baskets for babies in the NICU!


In fact, Tavinya has been crocheting since she was only 5-years-old, impressive! She is crocheting for the babies at the Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, the same hospital she is receiving her treatments. She is making little booties, bears, hats, and washcloths for babies, but is also filling the baskets with small baby essentials such as baby soap and nail clippers. 


The young lady said : “I wanted to make more than a basket and decided that it would be great to give some to new parents who were going through some difficult times of their own and brighten their day a little. It kept me busy and motivated through my entire treatment.”


At the moment of writing these lines, Tavinya is done with her chemo treatments and is starting radiation. She even feels strong enough to run with her cross country team again! That is truly wonderful news. 

She revealed what made her want to start crocheting for NICU babies in the first place: 

“By thinking about others it was easier to ignore my own hard predicament. Why mourn over the things you can't do when you have opportunities to help others and try new things?”


She relied on family, friends and faith to help her pass through that difficult time. She also started another charitable project with her mother this time. The duo are making pillowcases for the patients who are stuck in hospital rooms in hope to cheer them up a little. Tavinya got the idea from a friend who gifted her an original colorful pillowcase while she stayed at the hospital.  

What do you think of Tavinya's charitable projects? It is truly amazing to see such young people have beautiful hearts!

Source: Better Homes & Garden · Photo Credit: Courtesy the Taylor Family

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