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A Canadian man builds impressive sculptures using snow.

A Canadian man builds impressive sculptures using snow.
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Matt Morris is a Canadian from Waterloo, Ontario who has a truly unique passion. Every winter, he makes the most amazing snow scupltures and his creations have become an annual winter tradition! 

“For the last nine years or so on my bank I’ve been building these structures,” told Morris to CTV News Toronto. “They’re eight or 10 feet high, and seem to create some fun for the community.” 

CTV News

“I was sitting around like everyone in the pandemic and just you know concerned about kids and the level of activity,” he said. “I said, man I’d love to get the word out to give kids another option for this coming winter. So I decided to create a snow sculpting club.” 

This is when he had a brilliant idea! He started creating video tutorials to show kids (and adults, let's be honest!) how to build their own snow sculptures. His  instructional videos are free and available online. Many kids across Canada and the United States are already participating and have join the snow sculpting club. 


“I came up with eight badges that kids could earn while learning snow sculpting skills,” said the man. “I have parents sending me pictures of their kids colouring their little badges before they cut them out and put them on their little certificate that they printed off my website.” 

“I really like it,” 11-year-old club member Stella said. “It’s kind of still a way to connect to the community, even though you’re not like talking and seeing people.” 

And in case you were wondering if your snow is "good enough", you should know that Morris has a special technique! Any snow can work!

“Any snow is good snow, non-packing snow is better,” he said. “It’s been so much fun to watch people get out there and try my new technique with non-packing snow.” 

Take a look at some of his creations!

You can see more of his great works on Instagram and tutorials on his website. Have fun!

Is this enough to make you fall in love with winter?

Source: CTV News · Photo Credit: Instagram

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