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A couple built a UFO chicken coop for their chickens!

A couple built a UFO chicken coop for their chickens!
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While most people think that a chicken coop is built purely for the purpose of housing and protecting chickens, one man came up with the idea of taking his coop from ordinary to extraordinary!

Who says science fiction and love of our planet earth can't go hand in hand?

Brett Wilson and Ellen DeAngelis are a super artistic couple from Boise, Idaho. They describe themselves as "UFO nerds". They have a passion for raising chickens and thought it would be cool to turn their mundane chicken coop into something extraordinary. And they were right!

The couple looked for parts to assemble their custom-made UFO chicken coop.

The key to their creation is a pair of 10ft satellite dishes that act as the base of the UFO coop.

source: Backyard Chickens

You too can assemble a UFO suitable for chickens, if you are willing to accept the mission.

The creators of this UFO shared the plans on internet so others can too could create intergalactic henhouses.

The stages of realization can be found here. There is also several photos of the construction stages.

source: Backyard Chickens

In the video below, you can watch the chickens climb aboard their illuminated ship!

What do you think of this idea? Do you have backyard chickens? Would they love this idea?

Source: Backyard Chickens · Photo Credit: YouTube - Brett W

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