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A dad created a special suit to protect his baby from the spread of COVID-19.

A dad created a special suit to protect his baby from the spread of COVID-19.
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Cao Junjie a dad of a newborn baby from Shanghai, China had a unique idea to protect his precious one from the spread of Coronavirus. The young was inspired by a popular video game called Death Stranding, to create a safety cabin for his baby!

Photo : Ruptly


The little suit includes a small pod with a see-through screen, as well as with a filter and even has a screen that can show the quality of the air! And the little baby doesn't seem to be bothered being in his little protective cabin!

Photo : Ruptly

The dad explained: "Because I like scientific movies and games, the structure of the safety cabin is similar to the game Death Stranding, I checked the character in the game."

The protective pod was created to carry his baby outside, so him and his whole family can still take walks outside as the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect countries all over the globe. Do you think it's a good idea? 

As many world leaders and health specialists are urging people to stay inside, Junijie designed his very own solution to go outside. The only problem is that there is nothing protecting him! It is truly his opinion against ours on whether the suit actually works.

Photo : Ruptly

What do you think of his idea? How are you protecting himself from the virus? Are you staying home?

Source: Lad Bible · Photo Credit: Lad Bible

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