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A dermatologist shared her best tips to avoid dry hands from frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

A dermatologist shared her best tips to avoid dry hands from frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
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The Coronavirus outbreak has people washing and sanitizing their hands very frequently - which is a good thing! However, many people can suffer from dry and raw hands from the increase of hand washing. Roxana Daneshjou, MD/PhD from Standford university shared on Twitter her best tips to avoid dry hands while frequent washing.  

1) Try to avoid scented products if possible. Many of the ingredients used in scented products can be irritated or cause an allergic reaction. Unscented Dove bar soap is a good place to start for sensitive skin.

2) Have thick emollient available – something that is thick and comes in a tub (Cetaphil, CeraVe are options). Personally, I go for GREASY because that is most protective. Yup, I go straight for the Vaseline. Nothing that comes in a pump bottle or is runny.

3) Try to avoid hot water. Use lukewarm water instead. Hot water feels good but dries your skin. Make sure you dry your hands afterwards – water is an irritant.

4) If your hands are in bad shape, apply Vaseline at night and occlude with cotton white gloves. It will do wonders. Of course, if you are having a bad flare, you may need to hit up your dermatologist to get some topical steroids to help calm the inflammation.

You should be washing your hands more often to prevent the spread of germs, that includes after sneezing, couching or blowing your nose. You should also wash your hands if you came into contact with someone who did the above.

Besides washing hands, these measures are great to avoid the spread of diseases:

• Avoid touching your face especially when out.

• Avoid sharing personal items 

• Don't share food (yes even with your partner and kids!)

• Stay at home and avoid crowds (especially if you are feeling sick and have a cough or fever)

How has the coronavirus outbreak affected you? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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