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A designer shares 22 home improvement ideas

A designer shares 22 home improvement ideas
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If you are about to have your home built or plan to renovate it, maybe you should see these great ideas!

Some are very simple, others are a real dream!

Everybody will find a beautiful idea for the home. Here are some wonderful ideas for a home.

All these ideas are so great, we would like to make them all!

22 fantastic home improvement ideas:

1) A desk for the whole family, under the stairs

2) Two flap doors for compost and garbage that lead directly to the bins in the garage.

3) A personal library under the stairs

4) A magnificent living room for memorable evenings with friends.

5) A tree house with 3 floors ... A dream place for children, teenagers and even parents!

6) Storage, storage and storage again ...!

7) A dishwasher for all glasses and a dishwasher for dishes! The dream!

8) A reading nook with a spare bed for friends

9) Storage to replace skirting boards under cabinets that are useless!

Had to think about it!

10) A wall with 4 beds!

11) A master bedroom which has a balcony with a view of the garden for all the times when you need some peace ...

12) A pool bar by the pool to welcome friends on hot summer days!

13) A doghouse under the stairs! Decorated and lit, of course!

14) Central vacuum system in the floor all over the house. Install this system before building the house. On sale in all major hardware stores with central vacuums.

15) A painting workshop at the back of the house

16) A secret room just for you!

17) A skylight above the bed

18) A fireplace in front of the bathtub

19) An countertop with wheels!

20) A bed in the shower!

21) A perfect laundry room!

22) And finally, a reading nook to encourage everyone to read more

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