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A dog is abandoned chained to a fence with her six puppies that have to be breastfed.

A dog is abandoned chained to a fence with her six puppies that have to be breastfed.
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An extremely cruel person chained a frightened dog to a gate and left her with her six puppies.

Very shocking photos showing the poor exhausted animal lying on its side while nursing its pups have deeply upset several Internet users.

We can see that the puppies are so young that they cannot even open their eyes yet.

It was a passerby who spotted the vulnerable animals by chance while walking in a field in Elphin, a small town in Roscommon County, Ireland.

The animals were taken to a veterinarian at the ISPCA National Animal Center in Longford for examination. Although they had suffered from cold weather and lack of food, the animals are now in good health.

It is unclear how long they have been left alone in the field, but they are now closely monitored by ISPCA staff.

Hugh O'Toole, director of the ISPCA Center, said: "Leaving a young two year old dog tied without water, food or shelter certainly put her in danger and her young puppies as well. I do not understand how anyone could think that it is okay to leave a dog attached to a fence gate to nurse its puppies. With the rain and the cold this week, the situation could have been very different and I'm happy that we were alerted so that we were able to help them. "

Mr. O'Toole also stated that the dog had been scanned for a chip in order to trace its owner, but it was not microchipped, which is a legal requirement.

The charity urges pet owners to sterilize their pets as soon as possible to prevent accidental or unwanted litters.

The dog has been named Emmy Lou and her little puppies are Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June and Patsy.

Source: Metro · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran

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