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A fun idea to recycle your old CDs: make DIY animals with the kids!

A fun idea to recycle your old CDs: make DIY animals with the kids!
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Parents always like to have new ideas for activities to do at home, especially during this weird period of lockdown. 

What if we took out of the boxes our old CDs that have fallen into oblivion with the digital advent?

These shiny circles can help make great crafts such as cute various animals! 

This is a great activity to do with toddlers and kindergarteners. Daycare teachers and educators can also be inspired here!

Get out the markers, glue, construction paper and of course, your CDs!

Have fun preparing a beautiful animal exhibition!

With paint and a little paper, you can make a funny bunny, a surprised elephant, a happy frog or a crab with big eyes.


You can also add shiny elements, textures, stickers to the animals in CD. You can make a smiling cow, a friendly lion, a friendly turtle or a funny owl.


Pay homage to the smallest creatures of nature, giving life to a dapper butterfly, a dynamic caterpillar, a zen fish or a bee that will not sting!


The round shape of the compact discs also makes it possible to make a sweet snail, a lucky ladybug, or a playful puppy.


You will have a great time watching (and helping a little, without doing everything alone!) Your children craft these wonderful animals and insects. You can take the opportunity to teach them some notions of science while encouraging their creativity.

Once the pieces are finished, hang them all over the house! The light that will reflect on the CDs will add color to your home or classroom.

In these times of overconsumption, simple DIY using old items is a good idea. It changes from screens, while teaching the new generation to recycle!

Have fun doing DIYs with the family!

Source: Kids Art & Craft · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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