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A grandma recipe to get rid of horns and calluses.

A grandma recipe to get rid of horns and calluses.
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Do you struggle with rough feet or horns and calluses? This grandma recipe is for you! And the good news is you have all the required ingredients already at home!


  • hot water 
  • 1 large bowl 
  • 1 lemon slice 
  •  Self-adhesive medical gauze or cohesive bandage


1. Put hot water in the bowl. 

2. Soak your feet for at least 15 min in the hot water. 

3. Take them out and place a lemon slice on the area to be treated. 

4. Secure the lemon slice with the bandage or gauze and leave overnight.

6. The next day, use a foot file to remove the softened horn.

Easy, natural and effective, isn't it?

Additional tips: 

Do not hesitate to do this at least once a month or even a week if the horn is thick. Remember to moisturize your feet after! The easiest way to hold the lemon and the tape is to put on a sock.

Source: Comment-Economiser · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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