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A great way to easily teach multiplication tables to kids!

A great way to easily teach multiplication tables to kids!
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Do you remember having had trouble learning your multiplication tables as a kid? Not everyone was good at it! Well, if your child also has difficulty learning his tables, teach them this simple trick.

Because sometimes a little help can help break through those little barriers and get back much needed confidence!

Maybe some of you already know this trick, but others will be very happy to discover it!

NOTE: These tips might also be taught to children at school, but if it can help refresh your own memory, then you can also help your children with their homework.

You see, in the first row and the first column, we can see the numbers from 1 to 10. The remaining columns or rows contain the results of the multiplications. So, if we cross the two coordinates, we get the result of the multiplication. Plain and simple.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you take the 7th column and cross it with the 2nd line, you will find that the result of the multiplication is 14.

However, before you start using this table, you will have to explain to your child what a multiplication is. To do this, they must first master additions and subtractions. Then, you will be able to move on to multiplications, which are simply the sum of the same number, for example: 3 × 2 means 2 times 3, that is, 3 + 3.

Start with simple multiplications and once your child has understood the concept, you will be able to move on to the table of Pythagoras.

Learning visually is a good way to realize that for example, the result of 6 x 2 is equal to 2 x 6.

Your child will learn to find patterns and symmetries inside the table, which will activate their logical thinking. In the next example, you will see how a rectangle is formed by the squares corresponding to the two numbers being multiplied: in this case, a rectangle of 15 squares is formed by the 5 x 3 table.

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