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A jealous young man made a special swimsuit for his girlfriend.

A jealous young man made a special swimsuit for his girlfriend.
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For many people, jealousy is proof of love. A debate that we could discuss for a long time, especially when we think of all the heinous acts committed by jealously and possessiveness. This is why we hope thatPedro Vitola, a young Australian, was trying to be funny when he offered a "special" swimsuit designed to compliment the young girl on her good looks.

The young "jealous" man wanted to ensure that his partner no longer receives compliments from men when she goes to the beach in a sexy bikini. This is why he made her swimsuit that is very... unique.

See the swimsuit in question and the reaction of the young girl who received it.

You would think that wearing a swimsuit with the face of your lover (from the front as well as from the back!) would put people off. So Pedro’s idea made sense on paper.

The problem is that the young girl, who initially hated the garment, has come to love this very original swimsuit, attracts even more attention than before!

Pedro will therefore have to cure his jealousy! And that's a good thing, because we refuse to allow a woman to be told what to wear by her partner. Gentlemen, we are in the 21st century!

Ladies, how would you react if your partner gave you this kind of gift? Would you dare to wear a swimsuit like this in public?

Source: Fox News · Photo Credit: Instagram - pedrocuz

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