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A man finds a great solution to keep his cat out of his room! The cat's reaction is really funny

A man finds a great solution to keep his cat out of his room! The cat's reaction is really funny
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Having a cat at home often leads to funny situations. The owners of these sweet cats know how much their pet loves to explore every nook and cranny of the house and sometimes sharpen their claws where they should not.

And since they are intelligent animals, many of them manage to understand how to open a door to enter a room! And when it does, it becomes almost impossible to have peace without being disturbed by the purring of our car.

The website Laowl has published a video showing a cat that open doors, when it wants, and its owner is desesperate !

Kristian Svenson, who owns the cute little Mulder, just wanted to spend a quiet evening without having to cuddle the cat every two minutes. But his cat did not want that ... The little animal kept jumping on the handle to open the door and wake his owner, it's explained in the Swedish version of the newspaper Metro.

So, when Kristian closes the door to keep his cat in his room, Mulder wanted to go out. And if the man puts his cat out of the room, the cat wants to go outside.

But after a while, Kristian was so exasperated by the behavior of his cat during the night, that he developed a clever plan to stop this ...

Kristian has placed a large plastic box of filled with water, in front of the door of his bedroom. He thought that his cat would stop come into the bedroom at night, because he would be afraid of the water.

Unfortunately for him, Mulder did not really find this obstacle difficult to overcome, as you can see in the video below, at the end of this article.

Fortunately Kristian filmed the scene and then shared it online, since at the time of writing this article, the video has become viral with more than 22 million views !

And when you will see how Mulder reacts in front of this plastic box, you will understand why the video is famous all around the world !

Watch the cute kitten Mulder, in the video below. And you, what are your tricks to avoid being disturbed by your cat at night ?

Source: Laowl · Photo Credit: YouTube

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