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A man found out that his Pokémon cards from 20 years ago are now worth $60,000!

A man found out that his Pokémon cards from 20 years ago are now worth $60,000!
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In the late 90s and early 2000s, Pokemon were very popular. The TV series, the movies, a multitude of merchandise and the famous collectable cards were all things old and young loved! It was way crazier than the current craze for Pokemon Go and the video games.

But Nigel Brookes, who is now 34, was not a big fan of Pokemon. So when his mother gave him a complete set in a boxed set, to thank him for preventing kids from bullying his little brother and stealing his best cards in 1999, he was quite disappointed.

I wasn't very interested in Pokémon. I was disappointed at the time because the collection was one of my birthday gifts, so to me it was a waste, ”said Brookes.


But now the disappointed teenager, has grown and is now a dad residing in Coldfield, England. He recently learned that the cards he still owns have grown in value enormously! Fortunately he had kept them!

His set, still in good condition, is now valued at no less than £ 35,000 (CA $60,000)!

“I didn't know they were worth £ 35,000 now. We have kept them for over 20 years and they will be put up for sale and will probably be bought by a collector, ” he told the media.

This vintage treasure contains 103 maps, all of which are in mint condition. They were purchased directly from the creators of “Wizards Of The Coast” in the United States, and are all first editions.


“My daughter Layla loves Pokémon and tried to buy them all from me for £ 6 (around $ 10). Sadly, that won't be enough, and I'm sure she'll appreciate the reason I said no! "

The precious cards will go up for auction on July 27 and are believed to gain worldwide attention.

Lichfield Auction Center auctioneer Richard Winterton explained that "The collection is estimated at £ 35,000 and is seen as a kind of holy grail for Pokémon aficionados around the world." .

But if they have grown so much in 20 years, what will they be later? Nigel hesitated to sell, but his daddy heart took over.


“It was a tough decision to sell them because I'm sure they will be worth double in 20 years. My children are growing up and I want to be able to give them a really special childhood. With this money, we can really prepare for the future. " said the man. 

Do you still have first gen Pokemon cards somewhere? It might be a good idea to have them evaluated!

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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