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A man installed a black Santa and received a hateful letter from “Santa Claus”.

A man installed a black Santa and received a hateful letter from “Santa Claus”.
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Many people love to decorate for Christmas, and in this difficult year, many are doing it earlier than usual.

That's what Chris Kennedy did this year. Then he posted a photo of his outdoor Christmas decorations on Facebook in October.

Since living in his neighborhood of North Little Rock, Arkansas (3 years), Mr. Kennedy has been showing off an inflatable black Santa Claus.

Chris Kennedy

In the past, no one has really commented on his decorative choices. But this year, Chris Kennedy received a racist letter in the mail from "Santa Claus". Obviously, the letter was coming from an angry neighbour, but Chris doesn't know which one.

Here is the content of the letter:

Chris Kennedy

Kennedy will probably never know who sent the letter. The return address was that of the Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA), and when Kennedy asked LPOA Executive Director Evan Blake about the said letter, the latter said the LPOA had nothing to do with it. 

As an apology, he was given a free LPOA membership. Blake told CNN, “We've never seen anyone attack anyone based on their race. Racism is something we fight against and we will not defend it ”.

After receiving the letter, Kennedy posted it on Facebook and shared his story on a few news channels. In response, his neighbors gathered to offer him support in the form of letters and gifts.


Kennedy has no plans to change his Christmas decor. He said he loves decorating for Christmas because it reminds him of his father who passed away on Thanksgiving day more than 15 years ago.

It is presumed that the person who anonymously wrote this hate letter would not have sent it if they had had it result in such a wave of support for Kennedy, who is very grateful for the love his neighbors have shown him.


Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: Facebook

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