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A mom's warning about sunscreens!

A mom's warning about sunscreens!
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Nowadays, every parent is aware of the harmful effects of the sun's rays on unprotected skin. Even more when it comes to the delicate skin of babies!

Rebecca Cannon is a mom, who wanted to protect her 14-month-old daughter Kyla by buying a well-known brand of sunscreen.

The mother followed all the directions on the sunscreen label, which claimed that this spray product was safe for children 6 months and older and that, for face application, the sunscreen should be first be sprayed on the hands, then rubbed onto the skin.

But it wasn’t the sun that was dangerous here… Banana Boat’s broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 50) caused severe burns on Kyla’s face!

Facebook - Rebecca Cannon

Rebecca posted photos of her little girl's facial burns on the Facebook network with a warning that she wants to spread to all parents.

She wrote:

" Kyla is back home after another hospital trip this morning due to extreme swelling, but she is doing OK and is in good spirits. Please watch and be careful when using aerosol sunscreens! I have done a lot of research since coming home and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don't know why it's not removed from the shelves!! . . . Please be careful — the sunscreen used was Banana Boat SPF 50 broad spectrum kids' sunscreen. Have spoken with Banana Boat and at this point, besides a reimbursement for the product, [it's] not sounding like they are going to do anything."

Fortunately, Kyla's burns are starting to subside and her mother says she "looks better every day."

Facebook - Rebecca Cannon

Hopefully the adorable little girl will recover fully and quickly! What a nightmare for a mother to see her child suffer like this, because of a gesture that wanted to be protective and that had the opposite effect!

Source: Pop Sugar · Photo Credit: Facebook - Rebecca Cannon

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