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A mother bursts into tears in a Walmart because there are no more diapers for her baby.

A mother bursts into tears in a Walmart because there are no more diapers for her baby.
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This viral video comes to us from the United States where a mother completely desperate did not find diapers for her daughter and decided to film her  total distress. The video that has been viewed millions of times and tells an important message: stop hoarding.

BuzzFeed first shared the story of Lauren Whitney, a 36-year-old mother who has been experiencing strong emotions like many of us for the past few days. While she was at Walmart and being at several other stores beforehand, she found herself in a dead end that made her terribly sad: she could not find the right size diapers for her baby girl.The reason ? Many Americans have rushed into stores to stock way too much of everyday products leaving almost nothing for other customers.

Faced with this completely desperate situation, she completely lost it in a video that she recorded to share this intolerable situation. "How am I supposed to change my child's diaper if I can't afford to have 20 at a time like you?" She said in particular. In this video which lasts a few seconds, we can see her burst into tears in front of this completely exceptional situation.

She explained to BuzzFeed that at first she didn't want to post this video, but that she did it accidentally. Result? This video quickly toured social media. In fact, at the time we are writing this, it has already been viewed more than 5.2 million times in addition to having more than 894,000 “likes” and more than 14,000 comments!

Lauren Whitney hopes people will stop robbing stores like there's going to be a shortage. She also had a thought for the most modest families. "I would like people to realize that all these panic purchases have negative consequences for low-income or low-budget families." Hopefully many will hear her message!

We'll let you watch the full video below.

Source: BuzzFeed · Photo Credit: TikTok

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