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A mother shared her survival tip on how to get through the confinement period with kids!

A mother shared her survival tip on how to get through the confinement period with kids!
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Many parents who are not currently working in essential services had to turn to telework - working from home. But children are also out of school or daycare are at home, and you have to be VERY imaginative to motivate them to do chores in the house or to do academic activities!

A mother, Stephanie Craig, came up with an original idea to occupy her only child. 

Her "survival" tip has pleased many other people, who have happily shared it on Facebook. After just three days, the publication had more than 107,000 likes and more than 344,000 shares!

Stephanie published 2 photos explaining her trick, accompanied by the following text:

" I’m working from home for the next 3 weeks. I have ONE child. Y’all mommas with one child know how bored they can get During my working hours the store is open.
He can buy TV time, Xbox time and game time. Obviously next week we’ll start a home curriculum in place of school and this will change up a little! "

As we can see in the photo, Stephanie's child can also buy snacks with Monopoly money!

Several people have taken up the idea in their own way, including a mother named Ashley McCullough, who uses playing cards instead of Monopoly money.

Facebook - Ashley McCullough

Parents can also draw or print counterfeit bills! Everything it needs to motivate their offspring to tidy up, wash dishes, study, read books or exercise, for example.

What do you think of the idea? Is it a good way to empower our young people, to make them more independent and to make them participate in family life, even in these difficult times?

Do you have your own tips for motivating your children during this difficult time for morale and work-life balance?

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