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A new 'back to school' hairstyle

A new 'back to school' hairstyle
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Every year, you wonder how you will find hairstyles to style your child's hair differently every day, or at least occasionally ?

It is nice to change from time to time and we would love to teach them different hair style so that they do not always dress their hair in the same way later, as many of us do. We don't want them to make this mistake.

We must therefore set a good example and be very creative. But not everybody can be creative !

That's why Tips and Crafts love to share hairstyles tutorials for adults and children, to help as many people as possible to diversify their hairstyle ideas.

Would you like to make this beautiful hairstyle ? It is easy, here is what to do :

How to do :

1) Begin by splitting the hair in half on the top of the head.

2) Then put the hair up with the tip of a fine comb and tie both sides with hair clips.

3) Then make a French braid, but very tight on the top of the head, and enlarge the braid at the back of the head, then make it small over the entire length of the hair. Attach a hair elastic to the end of the braid.

4) Repeat these steps on the other side of the head to make a second braid, equal to the first.

5) Put the two braids on the top of the head and tie them with a large hair clip.

6) Comb the rest of the hair behind the head and make a high ponytail, just under the two braids.

7) Then, cross the 2 braids over the ponytail and put a bobby pins through the braids and into the ponytail to hold the braids in place.

8) Let the braids hang on each side of the ponytail and slightly curl the hair of the ponytail.

Learn how to make this beautiful hairstyle with the following video tutorial :

Source : Facebook video MetDaan Creative

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Source: MetDaanCreative · Photo Credit: MetDaanCreative

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