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A new scam at banks ATM is growing, be careful next time you'll use one of them.

A new scam at banks ATM is growing, be careful next time you'll use one of them.
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The fraudsters often use automated teller machines to trap their victims and rob them all their savings. This is an even more common practice thanks to the 3D printers that make life easier for these criminals. There is a growing threat to people using bank ATMS. 

To get what they want, these fraudsters use a device called a "skimmer". This is an electronic device that can be placed over the slot in which you insert your credit card or can simply replace it. They also add a fake keyboard or a discreet camera and they have everything they need to get your card number and take your money. These devices are expensive, they cost between $8,000 and $12,000, but thieves can rob hundred thousand dollars, because of this system.

What can you do to avoid becoming on of this victim?

Just give the card slot reader a little tug. You should do it every time you use a banking machine, even if it is a place you usually use. If the card reader feels loose or appears to be out of order, do not use this ATM and alert the bank. In addition, you should always hide your PIN code when you enter it on the keyboard. Moreover, always choose the ATMs where there are lights. Because, thieves often take advantage of poorly lit spaces to install their devices, because it's more difficult to detect.

Share these tips with your friends so they can avoid being the next victims of the fraudsters.

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: capture d'écran

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