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A photographer visits an abandoned cruise ship and captures some truly haunting images!

A photographer visits an abandoned cruise ship and captures some truly haunting images!
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We all know the famous story of the Titanic and what happened in April 1912 when more than 1500 lost their lives in the sinking of the iconic ship

A few years ago, a luxury cruise ship sank also costing several people their lives, not as many as the Titanic, thank goodness, but still more than 30 lives were lost. Some time after the ship was retrieved from the depths of the water, a photographer was granted special authorization to capture images from within the ship and, as you'll soon see, some of these pictures will send shivers up your spine because it's obvious that people left the boat in a hurry and in complete panic, fleeing for their lives.

The Costa Concordia was a luxurious cruise liner. It could accommodate more than 4000 passengers, contained 1500 cabins, a casino, a multi-level theater; it was like being in a real city.

On January 13, 2012, the ship sank after leaving an Italian city and colliding into rocks.

Its captain, Francesco Schettino, was arrested for deserting the ship while it was sinking, taking 33 lives with it.

Once retrieved from the water, impacts from the disaster are even more visible.

German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski had the chance to visit the wreck, and his photos are simply remarkable.

The passenger's personal effects are still spread out in the corridors and rooms.

This theater was magnificent before turning to ruin.

The casino was busily operating when tragedy struck.

The rooms are still intact, but somehow haunting.

These fabulous stairways still stand and shine, despite everything.

There is still water in this elevator.

The control panel is still standing.

The elevator is just as majestic.

From another angle.

The entrance to the elevator is, to say the least, strange.

These corridors are a post-apocalyptic view.

Here is the Costa Concordia, a few weeks before it sank, look and see the splendor that was this ship:

This tragic story reminds us that we never know what could happen when we board a ship...

Please try to not think about these pictures if you board a ship soon!

Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Diply

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