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A powerful weed killer recipe made with white vinegar

A powerful weed killer recipe made with white vinegar
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Avoid spraying toxic chemicals to kill weeds in your garden.

Even if you do not have children or pets, animals of the neighborhood and wild animals come freely in your garden and eat everything they find in your garden.

And all these chemicals are expensive, but the worse part is that they pollute the air. So, save your money and save the planet.

Opt for natural methods to kill weeds on the stones and slabs of your terrace.

There are several natural methods to kill weeds. You can pour over weeds the water used for boiling potatoes, or there are many mixtures made with natural ingredients, and there is this very effective recipe made with white vinegar, we all have white vinegar in our pantry.

Here is the most effective weed killer made of salt and white vinegar :

You will need :

- A big spray bottle or a lawn sprayer

- 100 g of table salt

- 3 liters of white vinegar

- 3 drops of dish soap

How to do :

1) Pour the white vinegar into the container you have chosen

2) Add the salt

3) Add 2-3 drops of dish soap and mix well

4) Spray during a warm and dry morning, but be careful to not spray the mixture on the lawn, this formula will also kill the lawn.

NOTE : You must know that for this method to work even better, it is important to use it during a very hot day and in very dry weather, and when there is no rain for at least 3 days after spraying the weed killer. The weed killer will dry the weeds, which will dehydrate and eventually die. So we must avoid rainy days.

This formula is perfect to kill weeds between bricks, stones and slabs all over the garden.

The solution applied on weeds, during a hot day and a very dry weather. See the difference 24 hours later. The herbs begin to dehydrate. Give them 36 hours more, always in dry weather in with sunny days and they will be killed. All you have to do is pick them up and throw them in the compost bin.


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