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A psychologist says Christmas music can be bad for your mental health!

A psychologist says Christmas music can be bad for your mental health!
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Now there is an idea that will surprise many. Linda Blair, a British psychologist, believes that listening to happy Christmas music can be detrimental to a person's mental health!

Christmas carols are known for being warm and relaxing. We say that they are effective in balancing the stress that people experience during the holiday season. But is this really the case? Mrs. Blair claims that they may not actually be so good for mental health!

The clinical psychologist told Sky News that listening to Christmas music could be detrimental to an individual's mental health.

"You just spend all your energy to not hear what you're hearing," she said. She explained that the repetitive play of Christmas music in the car, at home or in stores reminded people of everything they had to do before the holidays.

How is this a problem? Linda Blair explained that store employees are "more at risk" of being mentally exhausted by the repetition of thematic Christmas music. According to her, listening to the same songs repeatedly harms employees in their "problem solving" capacities and makes them "unable to focus on anything else".

According to Mrs. Blair, preemptive Christmas music is likely to cause anxiety to some people.

"Holiday music might give us the impression that we're trapped. It's a reminder that we have to buy gifts, meet the needs of people around us, organize celebrations", she said. Moreover, "Christmas music will probably irritate people if it is played too loudly and too soon", said the psychologist to Sky News.

Best Buy started playing holiday music on October 22nd. The electronic store is one of the first [if not the only] to start playing Christmas melodies so early. But Sears, Ulta and Michaels have also gotten into the holiday spirit and have soon followed suit.

Danny Turner, who is in charge of programming at Mood Media, told the press that he urged the stores to stop playing Christmas music, because of its potentially negative impact on customers. It has been found that people do not particularly like listening to the same music in a loop when shopping. In addition, it can affect the staff, and indirectly affect the customer!

"What I'm thinking about is "The 12 days of Christmas", said Turner to the Tampa Bay Times. "Once I'm in the third day, I'm counting how many days are left. You do not want songs that seem like they're 12 days long." The newspaper then conducted a poll on the most appropriate time to start playing Christmas music. More than half of those polled said they preferred to listen to holiday music only after Thanksgiving.

Adobe StockIt has also been noted that some stores, such as WinCo Foods, Costco, AutoZone, GameStop and most Target stores, do not play holiday music even as Christmas approaches.

At the same time, Christmas melodies can benefit the stores. Blair said, "Some people will respond to this stress by making impulse purchases, which the retailers like. Others might just get out of the store. It's a risk they take."

What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think it's better to avoid Christmas music, or do you rather think it isn't played enough (or early enough) in the season?

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